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Mr. Wen Teng
Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cloud

Mr. Wen Teng joined VNET in May 2024 and currently serves as our senior vice president and chief executive officer of Blue Cloud. Prior to joining us, Mr. Teng was the president of Greater China at Veritas. From 2010 to 2021 he worked for Microsoft China, as vice president of Greater China and general manager of the public sector, leveraging over 30 years of technical expertise and deep understanding of both China and international markets to drive Microsoft’s business development among government, healthcare, education, and large state-owned enterprises. Before joining Microsoft, Mr. Teng worked for large information technology, software, and network infrastructure companies such as Sun Microsystem, Nortel Networks, Lucent, AT&T and SIEMENS. Mr. Teng received his master’s degree in telecommunications science from the University of Colorado.